Center Point Physical Therapy provides comprehensive rehabilitative services in patients’ homes. A Home Health Care therapy team may include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy depending on what each individual treatment may need.

We work under the direction of patient physicians to help you regain the highest level of independence. We consult with and involve other members of the your home health care team, including nurses, nursing assistants and social workers. The entire care team works to promote independence and increase engagement in your daily living.

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Assessing Home Safety

Our therapists are trained to assess home safety and provide recommendations to help patients improve the safety of their surroundings. A thorough assessment helps patients prevent falls, enabling them to perform daily activities safely and effectively. Therapists look for safety hazards and identify items that may place patients at risk. They also help identify the need for specialized medical equipment, such as commodes, bath chairs, grab bars and other fixtures.

What is Home Health Therapy?

Home therapy is situational therapy delivered in a home care setting. Center Point Physical Therapy, New York offers three types of home care therapy:
Physical Therapists work with patients on mobility issues, such as difficulty walking, weakness, balance deficits, falls, dizziness and vertigo, pain, or other physical issues. Their purpose is to help patients engage in life at the highest level. Physical therapists can also help patients by recommending and assisting with the correct fit and adjustment of an adaptie device, such as a front-wheel walker, and all-terrain walker, or a cane.

Occupational Therapists focus on activities of daily living and helping patients reach for and return to prior ability levels in completing care tasks such as: dressing, grooming, bathing, toileting, transfers, cooking, housekeeping, and home management. They also help patients improve strength, coordination, and balance for daily tasks. Occupational therapists may also assess safety and durable medical equipment needs to help their patients function safely at home.

When is Home Therapy needed?

As a physician my recommend the benefits of home health therapy services following surgery, illness, or injury.

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