Is this the year you need a posture correction therapy program? Do you look in the mirror and wish the image you see was standing taller with better postural correction? Do you have neck, back, or shoulder pain? It may be the result of your posture, body mechanics or even your workout.

You did not develop a poor posture overnight. A gradual step-by-step approach through a Physiotherapy posture correction program will regain your optimal posture and ensure it lasts a lifetime.

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Physiotherapy Posture Correction Program

Your Posture Correction Therapy program starts with a complete posture analysis followed by ten Physiotherapy posture correction treatment and education sessions that involve body work (myofascial massage, stretching and spinal mobilization) as well as targeted exercises for you to do between Physical Therapy postural restoration sessions.

Many people believe that they cannot change or improve their posture because of habits that have been developed over the years. Slouching, lack of exercise, inattention to their stance all contribute to poor correction and posture.

You and I will work together on improving your posture at my Physiotherapy studio in Ottawa. I have seen many people make great strides when they commit themselves to changing their posture. You can too.

Benefits of Posture Correction Therapy

The benefits of good posture through a posture correction therapy program include:

  • Improved personal presence.
  • Improved confidence.
  • Reduced corstisol levels.
  • Stronger body.
  • Fuller breathing.
  • Improved voice projection.
  • Better balance.
  • Reduced chance of vertebral fractures.
  • Reduced incontinence.

Start your custom Posture Correction Therapy program at Center Point Physical Therapy, New York.